iPad Serves as Substitute For Other Media Devices

iPad Reshapes Content Consuming Habit: Consumers in the U.S. owning Apple’s iPad are using it to replace other media channels and electronic devices, new figures by Brainshark show.

Of the 1,300 iPad owners polled, 67% say it now served as a substitute for books, 32% for GPS navigation systems, 31% for traditional cameras and TV sets, and 24% for video cameras. '

Other study highlights include:

  • While 92% of the panel say that the iPad currently supplements their laptop, 51% expect it to become their primary computing platform in the next two years.

  • The respondents cite the following benefits of the iPad: The fact it switches on instantly (88%) and the range of apps available (72%).

  • Other notable findings include: 58% cite the fact they can keep in touch on the move; 43% say the iPad serves as a “pacifier” for their children; and 27% regard the tablet as a “piece of art.”

  • The most common activities undertaken on the iPad by business users were checking work e-mails(82%); viewing or delivering presentations (74%); and accessing enterprise apps (46%).

  • 30% say the device has helped them impress clients, and 21% reveal it has assisted them in closing a business deal.

Source: Brainshark

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