Infographic: Why Your Passwords Are Lame

Businesses operating in the digital space today have significant advantages over those that existed solely in the days of brick and mortar. Operating costs are more manageable and data is more efficiently handled and remotely accessible. However, there is a dangerous trade-off for these conveniences. All that information that is placed online or in the cloud is extremely vulnerable.

Sure, companies often make a big deal about administering passwords and following up to make sure those passwords are properly used. Employees don't always take the same level of interest in cyber security as their IT department. If you're a PR pro, one headache you don't need is to have your company's passwords stolen and data hacked.

There are several reasons why this happens, as noted in this infographic courtesy of Meldium, among them choosing weak passwords, writing down your passwords on paper or posting them in an unsecure environment. Here are some more thoughts on the dangers of password mistakes and the risks at stake for your company.


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