Infographic: How to Get the Attention of March Madness Fans

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Unlike the Super Bowl, March Madness—otherwise known as the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament—consumes Americans' waking hours (and gambling dollars) over a seemingly endless span of weeks. Forbes reports that 181 million viewers watch the tournament across multiple platforms, while 149 million people watch on their home TVs. That's a whole month in which a lot of people are not paying attention to your brand messages.

To give brand communicators and advertisers a ray of hope in breaking through to NCAA fans, real-time analytics company Neustar has released, in the form of an infographic, some "non-intuitive" insights about U.S. college basketball viewers. Among the somewhat surprising insights: 55% of them garden as a hobby, 12% watch CBS' "The Good Wife" and 18% enjoy scrapbooking.


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