Influencer Marketing and Measurement: Participate in Our Survey

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PR and marketing professionals are increasingly looking to influencers to help build brand awareness, advocate for products and amplify content. But building strong, meaningful influencer relationships can be challenging: How can you find the right, most relevant influencers? What’s the best way to engage them? How can you measure your outcomes?

We want to hear from you. Please take our survey below on influencer marketing and measurement.

Nasdaq Corporate Solutions and PR News want to better understand how PR and marketing pros are finding the right influencers to work with, and the challenges you’re facing with measuring your efforts.

As a thank you for participating, you will receive a complimentary copy of Nasdaq’s special report, "How Influencers and Content Marketing Can Help Build Your Brand." You'll also be entered into a raffle to receive a $50 American Express gift card.

You must respond by Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016, for a chance to win.

Your individual responses will be kept confidential and results will be published in aggregate. The results of the survey will be published in PR News’ weekly newsletter and on Thank you for participating.

(* represents required responses)

Influencer Marketing Survey
  •   Yes

  •   Size of network
      Reach of network members
      Ability to get network members to act
      Level of participation in industry events/organizations
      Popularity of content (e.g., blog traffic, YouTube views)
      Company job title
      Number of years of industry experience

  •   Industry personalities
      Media professionals

  •   Brand/product mentions
      Website referral traffic
      Website performance analytics (e.g., content views, downloads, registrations)
      Engagement analytics (e.g., shares, likes)
      Leads/sales conversions
      We don’t have a measurement strategy in place

  •   Identifying the influencers relevant to my business
      Understanding what influencers are interested in/writing about
      Creating content that would be compelling to an influencer and their network
      Getting the attention of influencers
      Measuring the success of our influencer marketing program
      Maintaining an ongoing relationship with an influencer beyond one campaign

  •   Public
  •   1-5 years
      6-10 years
      11-20 years
      More than 20 years
      I do not work in PR