Improving Communications Links Via Instant Messaging Tools

PR pros constantly have to play catch-up, what with a 24/7 media environment, tighter editorial deadlines and new government regulations on corporate governance such as
Sarbanes-Oxley and The Regulation Fair Disclosure or Reg FD. Instant Messaging (IM) tools, or a single collaborative technology platform across both agency and internal
communication teams, can help the client and agency perform as a unified team -- rather than separate entities -- in directing an extensive and fast-moving PR campaign. "If
agencies want to maintain the best communication platforms with their clients they can't ignore instant messaging because that's what corporations are rapidly adopting," says Mary
Rose Greenough, program director, Lotus Software, IBM Software Group. Matthew Rose, general manager in the Boston office of Text 100 Public Relations, adds that Burson-Marsteller
and Porter Novelli are just a couple of the major PR firms that have adopted instant messaging tools, with more sure to follow. PR NEWS asked Greenough and Rose to provide some
tips on how instant messaging can improve communications between corporations and clients. Following is a breakdown: