How to Put Together a Green Marketing Media Partnership

If you are a green expert or run a green business you’ll probably find the welcome mat out at most local broadcast stations. If you aren’t greeted with open arms, go to the next station. Eventually you’ll find a manager who sees the opportunity in a green marketing partnership.

Stations can put together marketing programs that include everything from :30 and :60 commercials to long-form programs, public service announcements, web components and live broadcasts. The cost of these programs can be split among a number of local businesses, effectively lowering the cost for all participants.

Given the FCC’s interest in localism, it behooves all stations to focus on providing relevant, local information for their audiences. Combining that information with station advertising products creates a viable model so the station can invest its resources and gives local businesses a great marketing opportunity.

Another option is to work with a local non-profit that is particularly focused on green initiatives. By combining forces with them you offer the local stations more expertise and credibility and reduce the workload on you and your staff. Obviously you have to share the airtime with your non-profit partner but maybe they can find some money to chip in and help pay for the program. Many non-profits have grant writers on their staffs or can bring in a grant writer for a special project.

If you’re unsure how to proceed, call and invite the station’s sales manager to lunch (no one ever buys him or her lunch). Be prepared to work with the station to show them how they can make money marketing green technologies and practices. You’ll be amazed at the brainstorming that will take place and the opportunities that are created

These tips were written by Doug Finck, general manager of WPXT-TV and station manager of WPME-TV, Portland, Maine. It was excerpted from the PR News Going Green: Case Studies in Outstanding Green Business Practices, Volume 1. To order a copy, visit the