How to Improve Press Release Search and Readability

If you are ready to boost your small business marketing, one of the easiest ways to spread your word is through online press releases. But to get the most out of them you need to put press release search and readability practices into play.

Here are three tips on how you can do that:

1. Use keywords in your headlines. Grab readers' attention and get higher search rankings by incorporating your keyword in a short but catching headline such as:

  • 5 Ways To Get Finches To Your Birdfeeders (home and garden store).
  • Yes, You Can Lose Weight Riding This Bike (fitness club).
  • Time Is Moving Forward, Is Your College Education Keeping Pace? (online college).

2. Use keywords in your body copy. To boost your search rankings, create search engine friendly releases by incorporating your keywords into your text. Be sure keywords are not placed in your copy without adequate context—in other words, stay away from keyword stuffing.

Be sure to incorporate a keyword into your lead sentence. Hyperlink back to your Web site. Check out this example:

Get Winter Fit at The Minnesota Zoo
Experience Minnesota Winter Activities for the Whole Family

If you are looking for new Minnesota winter activities and are eager to get outside, come check out the Northern Trail at the Minnesota Zoo. From December – February, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a great workout and check out our hardy zoo inhabitants six days a week.

We've incorporated the keyword “Minnesota winter activities” in the headline. Then we optimized the lead sentence with the phrase “Minnesota winter activities,” and hyperlinked back to the Zoo’s Northern Trail Web page.

3. Write in reader-friendly fashion. Keep your copy brief. Today’s audiences don’t have the time or patience to linger over content. As we do in this post, use bullet points, short paragraphs and bold print to highlight key points.

Remember that your audience ranges from journalists looking for more information to buyers trying to educate themselves about your industry. Provide them with what they need by:

  • Offering examples and relevant information – stay away from pushing your product.
  • Linking to additional sources outside your Web site that can aid in their research on your topic – such as Wikipedia.
  • Limiting the length of your press release to 300-500 words.

When you optimize your online press releases with SEO best practices, it becomes easier to connect with your targeted audience. Your audience is more likely to find your message in the search engines and once they do find it, if it’s readable, they’ll be more likely to visit your Web site.

The more traffic your content generates, the more opportunity you have for continuing the conversation with a new batch of prospects.

Republished with permission of PRWeb.