How to Fuel Your PR Measurement Effort

Call it “analysis paralysis,” wherein communicators get stuck moving from Point A to Point B. The most common problem for measurement is that PR pros are inundated with metrics.

So-called vanity metrics, such as “Followers” and “Likes,” were all the rage once, but have since been summarily dismissed as not having real value for communications.

Newer metrics, such as the length of time people spend interfacing with your content and how frequently they share it, now are getting their due.

But how long will it be before those metrics are eclipsed by what the measurement mystics call ‘even more effective PR ROI tools’? It’s enough to make even the most seasoned PR professional go a little meshuga.

Better to take an extremely methodical approach to measurement, where corporate goals and objectives are thoroughly baked into the PR process from the get-go.

Below are some additional tips on making sure PR measurement doesn’t get the best of you (or your budget).

final checklist

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