How to Control the Conversation When the Media Gets it Wrong

In addition to pushing product, a company's Web site can help companies deal with errors, misinterpretations, and omissions in media stories. Jim Lukaszewski, president of the
Lukaszewski Group, a management consultant firm specializing in corporate communications, has coined a term for how companies -- and PR execs -- can stay ahead of the curve when
the media gets it wrong: Corrections and Clarifications. He says the technique allows organizations to make corrections and clarifications directly to a story, post the
corrections on the corporate Web site, and -- perhaps most important -- electronically provide the corrected documents to whomever the company feels needs to be aware of its
actions (read: various stakeholders). "This approach is real-time responding, completely and without editing or filtering, a point for point rebuttal," Luckaszewski says. "If [a
company] wants to manage its own destiny, regardless of what the media does, this is something that all organizations should do. The thing is to correct everything. The media is
on another mission, and that's fine." PR NEWS asked Lukaszewski on what's involved in a Corrections and Clarifications plan: