How to Brace CEOs For Guilt by Association

What lessons can PR pros learn from the current mutual-funds scandal? It's important to note a pattern of four major elements in these situations, according to James E.
Lukaszewski, president of the Lukaszewski Group, who counsels C-level executives. These elements include prosecution behavior, corporate response, customer behavior, and the
endgame -- rebuilding credibility and trust. The similarities appear to exist no matter what the focus of the scandal, the target or plans for prosecution. Learning these
patterns, predicting them and even forecasting them can enhance your value to top management. "CEOs want to know when their careers and reputation are on the line and want someone
(read: a corporate communications exec) who can reasonably forecast what's going to happen," Lukaszewski says. "News is mostly about what happened yesterday, when what CEOs really
need to know is what's going to happen tomorrow." To get a better handle on protecting your CEOs from guilt by association check out the patterns of attack to see what there is to