How PR, Marketing and Advertising Can All Get Along

The integration of communications with other key business functions has become critical for an organization's success. Roll International, the holding company for brands such as Wonderful Pistachios, Fiji Water and POM Wonderful, has the unique structure of PR, marketing and advertising being under one roof. This holds a distinct advantage, says Dimitri Czupylo, communications head for Roll International. “Each team has an equal seat at the table, so we’re not competing against one another—we’re working together,” he says. But how do you achieve optimal collaboration among the three functions? Here’s how Roll does it:

• Develop an atmosphere where good communications reigns, and project ownership is shared.

• Create a master document with every campaign element on it—including production, events and even music.

• Meet at least once a week in a campaign war room to share what is working and what is not.

• Fostering transparency among the different groups is key. Each must know exactly what the other is doing, and why.

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