Watching and Waiting. WiNK magazine hit newsstands in New York last week, touting itself as the "nation's first truly multicultural fashion and beauty magazine."
The big secret, however (wink, wink) is that the print title and its online sibling site ( are dabbling in more than
just makeup. Pop culture content such as celebrity profiles, book/music/film reviews, political essays and cooking tips are woven into the editorial mix. And the inaugural issue
tackles such bold subjects as interracial dating, Hollywood's color barrier and female boxing. Created by fashion photographer Ralph Clermont and several founding members of
Vibe, WiNK is an artfully designed book, although its focus seems disjointed. We're waiting to see if its beauty is more than skin deep - and whether its content
can truly be all things to all people. Kathy Silberger is editor-in-chief. (212/343-3626)