Olé. Recent months have ushered in a slew of new titles en Espanol - most recently ¡Gusto!, a spicy spin-off of Cooking Light (PRN, Sept. 25). But the media trend is
hardly limited to print. Last month, Fort Worth, Texas-based Hispanic Television Network (HTVN) announced plans to go head-to-head with Univision and Telemundo by adding Dallas and San Francisco to its
market reach, which already includes San Antonio, Phoenix, Las Vegas and multiple markets in Texas...Elsewhere in TV-land, media powerhouses Belo and Cox have joined forces to launch a Spanish-language
cable channel in the Southwest, offering news, weather and sports, plus in-depth coverage of local community issues. "Mas! Arizona" is broadcast 24/7 to 450,000+ Cox cable subscribers in Phoenix - a city
whose population is 20% Hispanic/Latino. (HTVN, Luis Estrada, 817/222-1234, x228; Mas! Arizona, executive producer Luis Olivas, 602/207-3040)