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â–¶ Mobile Takes Big Bite Out of Media Consumption: More U.S. consumers are using their mobile phones to enjoy media content, access information and buy products, an I nMobio/OnDevice study, released in August 2012, has found.

Polling 1,055 mobile media users, the study found they spend 2.4 hours per day using their smartphones. This is compared with 2.35 hours for watching TV and 1.6 hours for fulfilling tasks on PCs.

More broadly, respondents dedicated nine hours a day to all forms of media. Other study highlights include:

• 65% preferred this medium as it is “easy to use.” Another 56% pointed to the fact wireless handsets are “always with them” as stimulating their uptake of this activity.

• A 71% share of respondents regularly entered enquiries into mobile search engines, and 64% frequently logged on to the Internet in the same way.

• Women accessed their devices more often than men, with 84% of females using them in bed, versus 70% of males. Totals here hit 40% and 26%, respectively, when out shopping.

• 53% of the mobile audience has been introduced to a product through this channel, and 21% have purchased from their phone.

Source: InMobio/OnDevice

â–¶ Employees Say They Lack Recognition: Companies can improve the effectiveness of the employee reward and recognition programs they invest in by focusing on participant values, finds a study released in August 2012 by Maritz Motivation Solutions. While businesses have spent more on employee reward and recognition programs in recent years to attract top talent and retain good employees, just 45.3% of employees feel meaningfully rewarded and recognized by those programs.

To identify opportunities for creating better employee programs, the study focused on distinguishing the drives and values of employees relating to reward and recognition programs. Four employee value segments emerged— Altruists, Drivers, Pioneers and Stabilizers. Companies can develop approaches that take into account the wants, needs and motivators for the specific groups. Other highlights:

• 80.4% employees did not agree with the statement, “Overall, I am completely satisfied with my job.”

• 58.3% did not agree with the statement, “I feel motivated to go beyond my formal job responsibilities to get the job done.”

• 71.4% of those not meaningfully recognized did not agree with the statement, “I would be very happy to spend the rest of my career with my company.”

Source: Maritz Motivation Solutions