Green Gaffe or Clever Comms?

ExxonMobil is suing Greenpeace over what it calls an infringement on its brand in France. Greenpeace's French wing has been running a "Stop E$$o" campaign that replaces the
"S's" in ExxonMobil's French logo with dollar signs. Exxon says the campaign unfairly depicts the corporation as unscrupulously money-hungry but, more importantly, associates it
with the Nazi "SS" insignia, which it says will quickly alienate customers. A successful lawsuit launched by the deep-pocketed fuel giant (which is seeking $78,000/day in damages)
could be a significant hit to Greenpeace, but the nonprofit is taking every advantage of the potential PR inherent in the situation. The organization calls the lawsuit further
evidence of Exxon's "bully-boy" environmental policies.