Good PR

McDonald's was in the deep fryer in 2002, as the world's number one fast-food chain reeled from six consecutive quarters of lower earnings. But the Golden Arches have bounced
back this year, and PR has played a significant part in the ongoing revival. McDonald's -- which buys about 2.5 billion pounds of beef a year -- has already conducted 500 audits
of meat processing facilities globally, checking on everything from cleanliness to the treatment of animals. Now, McDonald's is embarking on a plan that, by the end of 2004, will
require its direct suppliers to stop pumping antibiotics in low doses to speed animal growth; McDonald's will choose indirect suppliers that limit antibiotics over those that do
not. Although the move is a long time in coming, McDonald's is finally doing the right thing for its customers. What's more, other corporations are likely to follow McDonald's
lead in making farming practices safer -- a plan that any consumer advocate can sink his teeth into.