CSR Awards: Annual Report – McCain Foods Ltd

Our Journey: McCain Foods’ First CSR Report

Although corporate social responsibility has been central to McCain Foods’ business philosophy since its founding more than 50 years ago, the company, until recently, always kept a low-profile when it came to performing good deeds. But an increasingly competitive marketplace, particularly one where consumers are demanding that brands be more socially responsible, changed that mind-set. Hence, McCain Food’s CSR report was launched.

The CSR Grindstone

After conducting internal research that indicated that 85% of employees believe McCain Foods was socially responsible but was lax when communicating its progress in this area, coupled with requests from key customer McDonald’s on the company’s agronomy and supply chain practices, McCain hired the Toronto-based Global Communications firm to write its first CSR report. Over a six-month period, Global Communications worked on compiling and writing the company’s CSR success stories, analyzing its progress and identifying opportunities in this area, while adhering to the Global Reporting Initiative guidelines for writing a sustainability report. On Oct. 16, 2009, the report was introduced via the company’s Web site (www.mccain.com).

Unveiling a Hit

Since the report’s debut, the company’s CSR page on its Web site has generated 1,800 hits, spiking on the day of launch and increasing by more than 1,300%. Overall response to the report has been positive, as an audit of employees singled out the content and format as sources of praise. â– 

Honorable Mentions:

Singer Associates & Aimco: Corporate Citizenship Report —
After interviewing key company personnel, reviewing internal documents and poring through news stories, Singer Associates and Aimco created a comprehensive report highlighted by a striking cover photo collage and thoughtful perspectives from external stakeholders.

Unum: 2009 Social Responsibility Report —
Unum’s dedication to protecting communities, employers, employees and their families was outlined in its Annual 2009 Social Responsibility Report. Short sidebars with facts and figures artfully conveyed Unum’s CSR efforts.

Waste Management: The Color of Our World —
Waste Management’s detailed report included methods to ensure that the planet is passed to the next generation in better shape than before, as well as the company’s environmental and social best practices.