NonProfit PR Awards: External Publication

Campaign: Clinical Cancer Advances

Winner: American Society of Clinical Oncology

The American Society of Clinical Oncology’s (ASCO) Clinical Cancer Advances report provides a year-end summary of the most important research advances in clinical oncology that will have the greatest impact on patient care. Its overall objectives include educating policymakers and the public about advances in research and treatment, promoting ASCO’s policy positions, further establishing ASCO as the authoritative resource on cancer in the U.S., and generating year-end media coverage.

In preparing the most recent Clinical Cancer Advances reports, the team of 21 leading oncologists set out to critically examine recent advances in cancer research. These specialty reviewers determine which recent studies are major and/or notable, using the scientific importance of the research and its impact on patients as criteria. In writing the content, then, the team also takes care to appeal to both the oncology community and a wider consumer audience.

As a result, the downloads of the Clinical Cancer Advances Reports are consistently among those most frequently accessed through the Journal of Clinical Oncology, ASCO’s flagship publication. The Clinical Cancer Advances program has also been expanded to include consumer-friendly slide decks and podcasts summarizing the reports.

Honorable Mentions:

AICPA: 2007-2008 Annual Report—This particular AICPA annual report delved into the three hallmarks of a CPA—commitment, performance and accountability—and received 3,000+ visits to the dedicated Web site and more than 12,000 downloads.

Children’s Defense Fund & Ogilvy PR: A New Position for its 35th Year—As part of the rebranding effort timed to coincide with its 35th anniversary, the CDF developed Brand Book, a report that highlighted the organization’s mission and vision. The Brand Book received an industry award by the Ad Club of Metropolitan Washington D.C.

Houston Public Library & CMS/Creative Marketing Services: Houston Public Library 2008 Report—The library’s 2008 report communicated its extensive role in the community, ultimately helping to generate increased donations to the Houston Public Library Foundation.

Strategic America & Boy Scouts: Boy Scouts’ Annual Report—The Boy Scouts’ 2008 annual report highlighted the organization’s “Year of the Volunteer” message and outlined its strategic plan through 2010.

Saint Luke’s Health System: St. Luke’s Health—This magazine was redesigned to focus on driving patient volume, which it did by featuring patients as the subjects of more than 50% of stories and, in turn, increasing its market share in its 67-county service region.

Institute of Food Technologists: 2008 Annual Report—The institute’s 2008 annual report centered on the theme “A Community of Innovation,” illustrating its new volunteer framework and enhanced strategic plan in a dynamic, user-friendly format.