2009 Platinum PR Awards: Public Affairs—Ogilvy PR & FEMA

Making America Flood Smart: Reducing the Risk & Impact of Floods

To change the misconception among many Americans that flood insurance was unnecessary, FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program hired Ogilvy PR and J. Walter Thompson Advertising to launch a FloodSmart campaign that would educate the public about flood risks and their costly effects, motivate home owners to purchase flood insurance and engage insurance agents and key stakeholders to protect their clients through flood insurance.

After conducting extensive research, the team leveraged the following tactics: Drive consumers to FloodSmart.gov, the nerve center of the program; build key partnerships with trusted stakeholders; and demonstrate flood insurance’s value to society. A mix of national TV, online and print advertising connected consumers with their insurance agents, FloodSmart.gov and the call center.

The campaign’s message has appeared in 5,000+ broadcast, print and online stories. It also resulted in a 25% increase in consumers purchasing flood insurance policies over a five-year span. â– 

Honorable Mentions:

Xenophon Strategies & Air Transport Association (ATA): Stop Oil Speculation Now—To reverse speculation surrounding skyrocketing fuel costs in 2007, the ATA enlisted Xenophon in a campaign that included grassroots advocacy, coalition building and congressional outreach.

Ogilvy PR & Planned Parenthood of California: No on Proposition 4 Campaign—To oppose California’s Proposition 4, which would require teens to notify parents before having an abortion, Planned Parenthood launched “No on Proposition 4,” leading to Prop 4’s defeat in 2008.

Adfero Group: Mobilizing the AMA’s Patient Action Network to Preserve Access to Care—Adfero’s online grassroots recruitment strategy helped make AMA’s campaign to stop reimbursement rate cuts a success, ultimately prompting Congress to not cut the Medicare budget for doctors’ reimbursement.

National Association of Broadcasters: DTV Transition Public Affairs Campaign—To ensure that all Americans knew about the 2009 transition to digital TV, the NAB launched a grassroots marketing campaign, increasing consumer awareness from 25% in 2005 to 98% in April 2009.