For People en Espanol PR Director, a Hearty Bienvenido…

Lauren Kuschner, director of public relations at Time Inc.'s People en Espanol, is spending her upcoming vacation time wisely -- and will probably become a more effective
communicator in the process. In early December Kuschner is taking a two-week jaunt down to Oaxaca, Mexico, where she will live with a Mexican family -- no English at the dinner
table, please -- and take intensive Spanish lessons at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. Kuschner, an unabashed "gringo" who doesn't speak Spanish, says 90% of the People en Espanol
staff is bilingual, and stresses that she's taking a working vacation to raise her PR game. "The Hispanic community is so multidimensional," she says. "It shares the same language
but has so many different cultures - Mexicans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans - and that plays well into the magazine."