Five Key Steps to Implementing Successful Green Initiatives

Lew Rakowsky, director of marketing and stakeholder engagement at Coppervale Enterprises, offers some sage tips on going green:

1. Champions must lead. Designate senior leaders who will demonstrate their support through words and deeds.

2. Green the company’s DNA.
Integrate sustainability into your mission and values. Make these statements visible to all employees.

3. Show me the money.
Establish budgets to fund green initiatives. This will not only make the projects operational, but will send a message to employees that the company is serious about sustainability.

4. Prove ROI.
Learn how to build a financial case for each project. Do not rely on common sense or emotional decision-making.

5. Verify and measure.
Get into the habit of measuring the effectiveness of any program. Eliminate those that do not yield anticipated success.

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