Reaching ‘Ungettables’: Best Place is At the Gas Pump

To Reach “Ungettables,” Put Your Pedal to the Medal: The “Ungettables”—drivers 18 to 54 who are otherwise disconnected from traditional media and who live largely online—can reliably be reached at the gas pump, says new research from Outcast Media, which operates a gas station video network.

This audience drives more than 8,000 miles each year (17% more miles a year than the average person who is doing “everyday” errands). 

Ungettables live in the top 25 designated market areas (DMAs), resist TV commercials, bypass online ads, shop through smartphones, get news from late-night shows and websites and fuel up at least once a week (per Nielsen Media Research).

Findings on this group include:

  • Of the Ungettables, 38% work more than the average consumer and 17% exercise more than the general population

  • 4% are more likely than most to watch online video and stream content from their smartphones

  • 44% browse the Internet, 33% check email, 31% text and 33% use social media while watching TV, numbers that are significantly higher than the general population

  • Ungettables are more app-friendly, with an average of 22+ apps on their smartphones—58% more than the general population

  • 54% of Ungettables are likely to cord-cut cable

  • 56% are more likely to make purchases off their smartphones 

Source: Outcast Media

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