Drive a Stake in the Ground: Leveraging Tent-Pole Events

Daniel Garza

Whether you’re promoting a new product or a three-ring circus, PR pros would do well to consider the many ways to “tent-pole” in today’s digital world. Here are some tips from Daniel Garza, senior VP at PRx Digital, which engineered a tent-pole strategy for Orchard Supply Hardware’s 2012 store openings.

  • Do your own storytelling. Collect or create a compelling multimedia package of photos, videos and text throughout the campaign, and share those stories on your own channels such as a website, social media and e-newsletters. We call this a Content Ecosystem, and the story at its core should be about more than a single event.

  • Ask nontraditional media to tell the story before, during and after. Many bloggers, frequent tweeters and news reporters are eager to share a link to a YouTube video or other bits of news that fall short of a full-blown feature.

  • Share every bit of engaging content created about your event on your own channels. This results in a dynamic Content Ecosystem with many feedback loops.

  • Slow-release the details before the main event. Retain some tasty pieces of news to share steadily leading up to the main event, creating new reasons to reach out.

  • Plan ahead and comprehensively capture the main event in photos, video, audio and other media. You’ll regret it if you miss something special.

  • After the event, continue to share multimedia assets from the event with media that missed it.Capture and re-share every bit of coverage you achieved on your own channels, ensuring that the Content Ecosystem lives on.

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