Young Consumers Mix Media Channels, But TV Still Rules

Young People Turn to Digital Platforms for News, But TV Hangs In: Social networks and smartphones hold a key role in the media and communications habits of young consumers, but traditional channels like TV still have a place, says a study by Credit Suisse.

The financial services company polled 3,000 people aged 16–25 years old in three countries, and found that 73% from the U.S. look to TV to stay informed about daily events, versus 63% in Switzerland and 62% in Brazil. Other findings include:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and MySpace recorded an average of 56%, with 73% staying informed by these platforms in the U.S., 58% in Brazil and 37% in Switzerland.

  • On average, 39% stay informed by smartphone apps, which beat blogs and web message boards, both with 32%.

  • Reliance on radio for news was at 43% and free newspapers on 45%—just 30% rely on paid-for daily newspapers.

  • 90% of the Swiss panel have Facebook profiles, 85% in Brazil and 75% in America. Some 36% use social media to keep in touch with friends, growing to 45% in Brazil. PRN

Source: Credit Suisse

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