Digital Leaders Lack Resources for Keyword Research

Communicators Lag in Unlocking Keyword Combos: Keyword research—identifying the potential words and phrase combinations consumers could potentially type into the search box when they go online to find products and services—is vital to the success of digital campaigns. However, a study of 300 digital communicators by Hydra finds that digital communications teams do not have the resources to conduct it thoroughly. Specific findings include:

  • Asked how current they feel their teams are at handling new keyword trends, less than half (42%) of respondents indicate they feel they are “on trend” when it comes to keyword trends.
  • However, one of the greatest contrasts highlighted by the survey involved new words or expressions being used in the market. Asked whether they know which new words or expressions being used are worth spending time and money on, over half (55%) of respondents say “no.”
  • With the uncertainty surrounding ROI from keywords reaching their target audience and handling new keyword trends, it is not surprising that over 70% of respondents say that if they had more time, they would review the online keywords or phrases in their campaigns much more regularly.

Source: Hydra