Social Media First Step: Finding Influencers

Once you've set up your Facebook page, the mistake of waiting for an audience to find you is more common than one might think, says Stephanie Agresta, EVP and global director of digital strategy, social media at Porter Novelli.  In getting started, extensive research isn’t necessary, she says. “You can start by using the Facebook search box, typing in key words and phrases that pertain to your organizations’ products and/or messages,” says Agresta. Chances are you’ll find individual interests and often entire groups that are talking about subjects related to your offerings.

When initially reaching out to those influencers, says Agresta, keep in mind the informal, conversational nature of Facebook—and the difference between personal and professional messaging. “Some people are turned off by outreach from a brand or organization,” says Agresta. “But we’re finding more and more that line is blurring.” Bottom line: Quickly back away if someone is unhappy with your outreach, or it could result in a flurry of negative posts.


Stephanie Agresta,