Release Tactics, Changing Perceptions of Press Releases

Fielded to nearly 600 PR professionials, this PR News/PRWeb survey aimed to learn the tactics, perceptions and trends around traditional (sent through the wire) and online press releases. The survey findings show that press releases are in a transformational stage, as PR pros look to expand their audiences for releases while pointing them to a variety of digital channels such as the corporate Web site, Twitter and blogs. See the full story.

1 What is worthy of a press release?

  • Breaking news announcement like product news, executive moves, surveys, financial earnings statements 79.6%
  • Reputation management communication 5.0%
  • Case studies 2.7%
  • Webinars/seminar announcements 2.5%
  • Blog posts 0.5%

2. How often do you send out a press release?

  • As often as I have breaking news 63.7%
  • At least once a week 13.9%
  • At least once a month 13.2%

3. Who is your primary audience when crafting a press release?

  • Media 64.3%
  • Prospects and customers 24.1%
  • Investors 2.7%
  • Other 8.9%

4. What’s the role of PR within your organization? (choose all that apply)

  • To get press coverage 29.7%
  • Create buzz 20.5%
  • To drive traffic to my company’s Web site 18.4%
  • To generate leads 12.8%
  • Drive revenue 12.0%

5. What are your criteria for measuring the success of the press releases that you issue online? (choose all that apply)

  • An article based on the release 15.5%
  • Media interview request as a result of the release 14.1%
  • The amount of times the release has been republished on Web sites 11.1%
  • The number of times the release has been viewed online 8.8%
  • Traffic to organization’s Web site linked from the release 8.8%
  • Recognition by prospects and customers of news 8.2%
  • Creating online buzz—word of mouth 7.6%
  • The number of times it has been republished on blogs 7.0%
  • Speaking opportunities as a result of the release 6.5%
  • The number of inbound links to the release 4.1%
  • Direct sales/actual transactions 3.9%
  • Signing up for a newsletter/downloading a whitepaper/requesting more information 3.4%

6. How much value do you place in an online news release versus a traditional release sent through the wire?

  • I always use both to distribute my news 46.2%
  • I see no distinction between the two 25.1%
  • I only send my news using online distribution services 15.4%
  • I only send my releases through the traditional wires 11.1%
  • No response 2.2%

7. What are your goals for your online press releases? (choose all that apply)

  • Announce news 12.9%
  • Increase visibility for organizations 12.1%
  • Reach media 11.5%
  • Reach customers/consumers 10.8%
  • Gain increased visibility and credibility with audiences 10.4%
  • Communicate a message to specific audience 9.3%
  • Create online content that is readily available 7.6%
  • Reach bloggers 6.8%
  • SEO optimization for organization’s Web site 5.2%
  • Enhance thought leadership 4.8%
  • Provide a conduit to other online sources of information 4.4%
  • Use release as a sales tool 4.2%

8. What are the primary tactics you use when issuing a release for online distribution? (choose all that apply)

  • Using a good headline/subhead with keywords 16.1%
  • Making sure the content is interesting and newsworthy 15.8%
  • Including keywords in release 12.2%
  • Using links to corporate Web site in release 12.0%
  • Adding logo(s) to release 8.8%
  • Adding photo(s) to release 7.9%
  • Links to release after posted 5.9%
  • SEO optimization tactics 5.5%
  • Using links to other online resources in release 5.1%
  • Social media release format 4.6%
  • Adding online video enhancements 3.5%
  • Adding online audio enhancements 1.5%
  • Including a special promo to consumers 1.0%

Source: PR News and PRWeb