2008 PR News Platinum PR Issue Winner: Midsize PR Firm of the Year

The winners and honorable mentions in this year's PR news Platinum PR awards issue exemplify the most innovative approaches to redefining traditional PR with anything-but- traditional strategies. From a marketing communications effort that united a country over the search for the stars of a 1950s TV commercial to an event that landed a flock of pink flamingos around the windy city, the following winner confirms that the PR profession has indeed stepped out from the shadows to take a front-and-center role in delivering business results to their own organizations, and to their clients. Below is the winner of the 2008 PR News Platinum PR award for midsize PR firm of the year.

MWW Group

As put forth by CEO Michael Kempner, the rallying cry for staffers at the MWW Group in 2007 was "innovate, inspire and lead." this mantra imbued the agency with the urgency and passion needed to take mww to the next level of achievement.

Glowing Stats

Statistics support the success of Kempner's battle cry. New mentoring and employee developed programs resulted in an 86% retention rate--an anomaly in a highly competitive marketplace, where attrition is a constant.

"The economy continues to struggle, yet in the midst of this economic gloom, MWW Group thrived," says Kempner. "Maintaining a high standard of performance in the midst of a growth phase is a continuing challenge that MWW Group met."

Plus, with more than 85 new clients added to its roster, including Anheuser-Busch, Medco Health Solutions, Washington Wine Commission and Pegasus Capital Advisors, mww group underwent a 16% increase in growth and recorded net revenues of $43 million.

Several unique programs helped vault MWW Group to the top of the PR pyramid in 2007:

  • Deloitte: MWW Group worked with Deloitte National PR to leverage the company's culture of values-based leadership while promoting chairman of the board Sharon Allen's philosophy about the need to strive for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Samsung at CES: MWW Group helped samsung garner a lion's share of media coverage at the international consumer electronics show. Securing 30 executive interviews, 453 million media impressions and 433 in-depth booth tours, the agency made sure that this was samsung's most successful international consumer electronics show performance in company history.

Lessons from the Top

"The value of effective communications is actually heightened in an economic downturn," says Kempner. "companies need smart, strategic advice on how to communicate their value proposition to a skeptical audience. A smart, aggressive company will have a pronounced advantage during times like these. MWW Group grew in 2007 while many others either lost business or struggled to stay in place. We feel that is a testament to our creativity and work ethic."