Fanning the Media Flame After the First Spark Fades

Since MicroStrategy and Schwartz Communications started working together to promote MicroStrategy's Mobile App six months after the iPad had been released by Apple, the Schwartz team had to work quickly to capitalize on the fading of the initial buzz about the iPad and provide a new and lasting spark for the media to focus on. Here’s how they did it:

Assure clients that securing coverage is not an overnight process, and may take several months of follow-up news, staying in touch and pitching.

Continue to pitch to the media with updated statistics. The level of response was so high for the application that Schwartz decided to put out data as another way for them to extend the story with a fresh news angle, and landed a major Forbes article on Dec. 23, 2010.

• Extend the campaign if the results look promising. While the “Leave Your Laptop at the Office: The iPad Is Here” campaign was slated to run from August to October, Schwartz Communications and MicroStrategy still maintain an ongoing partnership.

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