Facebook Video Posts Drive 1,109% Growth in Engagement for Snickers


In Q3 2015, total social actions (the sum of likes, comments, favorites, shares and retweets) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram increased 51% vs Q3 2014. Beauty brands and energy drinks dominated the Top 25 consumer brands in the ranking, with beauty accounting for 76% of the Top 25. Snickers, Coca-Cola and Oreo were the only non-beauty and non-energy drink brands in the Top 25.

In Q3 2015, Snickers saw a 1,109% growth in total social actions attributed to its increased use of Facebook video - the brand posted 800% more Facebook posts containing video. Top video posts included Snickers’ Super Bowl spot and various other commercials the brand has used around the theme “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

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