Exorbitant CEO Pay: Justifying the Unjustifiable

There's been a lot finger wagging the last several years in the press about the astronomical salaries awarded to some of the nation's CEOs, particularly about bosses who then
go on to drive the company into the ground. Despite the outcry, however, many CEOs continue to rake in mega bucks, which, in turn, can spark a scandal (read: recently departed
New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso, who was forced to walk the plank following the backlash on his estimated $188 million pay package. See page 2). The problem of
exorbitant CEO pay isn't going away but is bound to keep repeating itself. And corporate communication execs are always caught in the crossfire between their bosses - who,
purblind, don't see any problem -- and media outlets eager to fan the flames. Jim Lukaszewski, president of the Lukaszewski Group, who advises, coaches, and counsels corporate
chieftains, has laid out some helpful hints for how PR pros can deal with controversies stemming from exorbitant pay for CEOs.