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In PR News' Employee Communications Guidebook, we offer a panoply of information that can improve your skills for many scenarios. Whether it's recruiting and retaining talent or greening the workplace, this Guidebook will hone your understanding of how you can craft and ensure effective messaging to employees; it will also give you the resources you need to streamline all channels of internal communications. Putting employee communications on the backburner during this challenging period is not only foolhardy but a serious misstep that can have damaging repercussions from which your company, agency or association may never fully recover. Reading this Guidebook is your first step toward steering it on the right path.

Chapters Include:

• Overview
• Motivation & Morale
• Management Challenges
• Recruiting & Retaining Talent
• Crisis Management
• Social Media & Digital PR
• Coaching & Training
• CSR & Green Initiatives
• Internal Branding

The how-to's, best practices and case studies in PR News' Employee Communications Guidebook, Vol. 2, will help you find new ways to improve communications with your organization's No. 1 asset-its employees. Employee communications should be at the top of every PR professional's checklist. For instance, how do you increase and leverage employee engagement via transparency? How do you empower and motivate employees to drive change and become brand ambassadors? How do you cure team apathy? And, not least, what are the best ways to manage internal communications during a crisis?

There are no stock answers to these fraught questions-each company's infrastructure is different. But there are tactical, strategic methods that you, as a communications professional, can implement to practice effective internal communications that will win the confidence of your employees as well as your C-suite executives and stakeholders, and we've combined all the methods in PR News' Employee Communications Guidebook.

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