Employee Awards Pitfalls: Don’t Win ‘Worst Planner’ Title

Employee awards programs inherently come with a promise to employees: We have a consistent plan for success with goals, and that you’re part of ensuring our success, says Elizabeth Castro, VP at O’Malley Hansen Communications in Chicago. Here are Castro’s three common awards pitfalls to avoid:

• Budget Wisely: Determine your full budget for the year and the budget per award, and communicate that to employees

• Follow Through: Do what you say you’re going to do. Communicating a schedule of winners and announcements at the time of launch sets an expectation. If you can’t follow the schedule, you stand to lose credibility.

• Keep Communicating: The worst thing an internal communicator can do is stop communicating about an awards program. It’s something that must be kept top of mind for employees who seek to excel and contribute to a winning organization.

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