Eight Tips for Pitching Radio

With all the attention paid to online and print, it's easy to forget another important channel of communication: radio.

According to a recent study, an overwhelming majority (95%) of Americans still tune in on a weekly basis, says the Rado Advertising Bureau. Not only does radio hold its own against social media, it's ideal for niche marketing given how many radio shows target certain audiences. Consquently, when you do score placements on radio, you will exercise considerable impact and influence in light of the medium's already captive audience.

So now that we've convinced you of radio's viability and power as a medium of communication, here are nine ways to polish your radio pitching:

Make it relevant:  PR execs need to package their campaign with information that will tell the radio PR pros what's in it for their listeners.

Develop light-hearted stories for interludes between news breaks.

Call at off hours: Radio hosts and producers still have content needs outside of the usual business day and on weekends.

Offer giveaways and food: Tickets, T-shirts and other freebies help hosts connect to their listeners—with a shout-out to the company that supplies them.

Frame the interview: Radio hosts are incredibly busy. Help them out by suggesting a line of questioning when you also pitch an expert.

Push the interactive angle: Radio hosts and producers want guests who are willing to engage with listeners.

The shorter the better: Pitches to any media outlet should be kept short, but for radio, the expectation is even higher.

Wake up very, very early: Let it be known that your client is very willing to do radio in the wee hours.

Now that you know what to do--get cracking!

Source: Ragan