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PR News' 2016 Editorial Calendar

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In addition to the topics below, each of the 48 PR News issues features a Case Study, which takes a close look at PR campaigns encompassing most every facet of business communications. Each issue also includes a checklists, expert advice on work-life balance as well as tactical do's and don'ts for measurement, media relations, crisis management, social media and more.

If you have case studies, news or information on PR and communications that you would like to share, please contact Seth Arenstein, editor of PR News, sarenstein@accessintel.com

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  • March: Media Relations
  • April: PR Measurement
  • May: Digital PR/Social Media
  • July: Content Marketing
  • September: Crowdsourcing
  • October: CSR/Nonprofit
  • November: PR Writing

PR News Subscribers also get exclusive access to the following special reports:

  • Salary Survey
  • PR's Guide to SEO
  • Measurement Guide to Dashboards and Essential Principles
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Step by Step PR Guide to Handling a Crisis

2016 PR News Guidebook Topics:

  • Digital PR and Social Media
  • PR Measurement
  • Crisis Management
  • PR Writing
  • Employee Communications
  • Media Relations

Guidebook Contributions:

To contribute an article to any of the guidebook topics above, contact Ian Wright, guidebook editor: iwright@accessintel.com 

Editor: Seth Arenstein (sarenstein@accessintel.com)
Events & Awards: Laura Snitkovskiy, senior marketing manager,  laura@accessintel.com.


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