Don’t Cut Corners, and Other Key Online Video Strategies

While phone system designer Grasshopper delivered chocolate-covered insects to get influencers’ attention during its 2009 rebranding effort, the more traditional video component was key, says Jonathan Kay, the company’s ambassador of buzz. The video, featured on both the Grasshopper site and YouTube drew on the history of entrepreneurship, and suggested that entrepreneurs had the power to serve as innovators. At its peak, the video drew over 8,000 views per day. Here are some key video strategies from Kay:

Promote the video before the campaign hits. Kay personally reached out to bloggers a week before the packages were sent.

Make sure your viewers are quickly drawn in. Grasshopper’s video was not just visually appealing. Carly Comando, who has written music for the NBA, wrote music specifically for the video.

Don’t skimp on the production. The video cost Grasshopper $18,708 to produce; the company considers it money well spent.

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