Does Grey Poupon’s Facebook Strategy Cut the Mustard?

Source: Grey Poupon on Pinterest

Grey Poupon has a long history of using humor to sell its message of elitism. It began with the classic ad from 1981 where two passing Rolls Royce limousines stop long enough for the passenger in one to ask the passenger in the other, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?"

Nearly 20 years later, Grey Poupon came out with a wonderful PR stunt, sending President Obama a plea to issue a “pardon” to “any American who has ever been criticized for putting a liberal spread of Dijon mustard on a burger or a conservative dollop on a ham & cheese sandwich.”

The Grey Poupon team has raised its creative head again, this time going after social media. On September 12, Grey Poupon launched its new company Facebook page, but did so with a remarkable twist. Rather than try to accumulate as many “likes” as they could at the outset, they actually put up a gate. With tongue firmly in cheek, Grey Poupon’s Facebook page will “screen” fans to see if they have good enough taste to be admitted to the page.

There is an app on the page called The Society Of Good Taste. The app scans your Facebook page, gathers information on your interests, friends, etc., evaluates this data and assigns you a score. If you pass muster, you will be admitted.

Do you think this PR stunt will work? Well, you’re reading about right now, aren’t you? Do you think, in the long run, this tactic will work in social media, or are people looking for immediate gratification? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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