Digital Content for Women: A Different Story?

Yet another digital media conference took place this morning in New York discussing how to create digital content and how to monetize that content. But this conference had an interesting twist: the focus was specifically on content by women and for women. Media Information Exchange Group’s breakfast was titled, “Where the Dollars Are: Creating, Producing and Monetizing Media Content for Women.” The panelists were some of media and technology’s brightest: Marion Freijsen, co-founder of the E.Factor entrepreneurial web site and Limor Shafman, president of Keystone Tech Group, a company that helps technology companies bring their innovative new products to market. The issues covered in the panel were important, but didn't appear to be much different than the issues faced by any content provider. The methodology seems the same for both men and women: Find out who your audience is, what they need and how to give it to them. All while making money, of course. So what really changes when attempting to reach a female audience?  

What could need a change is content providers’ perceptions of the type of woman he/she is trying to reach.  While 52% of all internet users are women, 78% of women in the professional world feel that much of the content online is geared toward women with different interests (ie recipes, gardening tips, mom advice, etc.). While this may be the case, there are plenty of sites aimed at women in the professional world, particularly women in media and publishing-related careers. The newly launched (March of 2008) is a site created by older, professional women in entertainment, including Oprah Winfrey.

Here are some more smart sites for women in media and publishing:

    A professional women’s blog aggregator with a page for media and journalism

2. WIPP.Net  (Women in Periodical Publishing)
    This site is two-fold: its educates women in print and online publishing through print and online publishing.

    Social networking digital dialog divided up by city, also hosts events and webcasts.

4. (International Women’s Media Foundation)
    Includes an international directory of all women holding media/publishing positions.

Professional Women’s Magazines:

1. Pink Magazine

2. Professional Woman’s Magazine

3. Business Woman Magazine