Dialing Back on Pinterest? Here’s Three Reasons Not To


While it's not quite up there yet with Google—the No. 1 most visited site for September—Pinterest has cracked ComScore's Top 50 list for the first time, reports CNET, landing right at No. 50. That's good news for the popular platform, which saw 25.3 million visitors for the month (compared with Google's 219.9 million).

Another piece of good news is that a study by Bizrate released this month found that U.S. shoppers liked Pinterest over Facebook on a number of fronts, including its entertainment value; in getting inspiration on what to buy; and on keeping up with the latest cultural trends.

What does all this mean? While Instagram may be getting the attention as the social platform of the moment, Pinterest must remain a key outreach tool in the PR pro's arsenal. If you are thinking of dialing back, here are three Pinterest points—offered by Marcy Massura, digital supervisor at Weber Shandwick—to consider:

  • Pinterest is the No. 1 listening tool. “Even if you don’t have one Pinterest board, you should be on the platform every day looking for people who are talking about your category or brand,” says Massura. So find your brand promoters and take 10 minutes to discover everything that they like. “If you don’t do this it’s a missed opportunity,” she says.
  • Pinterest encourages authenticity. The platform discourages self-promotion, says Massura. “Instead of trying to get around that, be respectful of that wish,” she says. Connecting with consumers in authentic ways tells consumers that you “get them.”
  • You don’t have to go in big to succeed. A complicated strategy is not needed for Pinterest, says Massura. “Even a few boards can drive big success,” she says.

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