Crisis, Crisis Everywhere and Not Enough Drops of Ink

As I sat down to write this column, I was astounded at the difference in the climate: It's not just our troops who are in crisis mode. A year ago I was wondering where all the
crises had gone and struggled to come up with good examples. But lately, it's been nearly impossible to narrow my choices. We've had the Olympics. Interesting, but there are only
so many Olympic crises stories you can write (isn't that a sad statement?). Plus, there are the Defense Department's Office of Strategic Propaganda (oh sorry I mean Influence),
Enron - and that's just the major headlines. One thing you can say about these times is there are a plethora of "opportunities" to learn from mistakes, which is why we picked
Global Crossing and Tyco* to study. Both were victims of the intense scrutiny to which all public companies are being subjected in the wake of Enron. Tyco seems to have
turned its press and its stock price around. Global Crossing hasn't budged from its bargain basement value in over a month. What's the difference, we asked?