Credible News from the Web

Web-based placements for your stories are gaining more credibility than ever among American Internet users. Online news sites are just as reliable as traditional news sources,
according to a new study from the Online News Association. More than 78 percent of 1,000 Internet users and 1,300 members of the media polled for the report feel that cable
television-operated Web sites are credible, while 67 percent say Web sites operated by national TV and newspaper outlets are credible. By comparison, cable news got an 82 percent
credibility rating, national newspapers got 79 percent and national magazines got 70 percent. Not surprisingly, reporters in traditional media were the harshest critics of online
sources, with more than 90 percent of media workers saying national newspaper sites are credible, but only 29 percent agreeing that other Web-based news sources are reliable. For
more information on the study, see