Consumers: Social Dialogue Not Really Two-Way Affair

Social Engagement Could Be Better: A study finds that consumers expect a two-way dialogue with brands across the social Web, but rarely get it. A survey conducted by Lithium Technologies in April 2012 reveals that while 25% of respondents expect to hear back from a company when they tweet about a brand or product, only 9% have actually received a response.

Other highlights include:

  • 35% say that after “liking” a brand on Facebook, they expect to hear from the company—yet 58% say that they have never received a response from a company after “liking” it.

  • A companion survey of marketers found that 42% are very concerned about demonstrating the value of social media to executive management—but only 4% say their ability to measure the overall impact of social media is excellent.

  • 31% of marketers say that customer retention is important, but only 4.6% of marketers say they are able to measure customer satisfaction extremely well.

Source: Lithium Technologies 

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  • Katherine Eddy

    Maybe it’s because the message function does not work on FB business pages.

  • pascal depuhl

    Yes. I’ve had brands communicate via social media many times, but the best example was @DeltaAssist, who was able to help me rebook a flight, while I was snowed in at Kabul International Airport for 3 days, while shooting a documentary. I had to go downtown to deal with the local airline, where as Delta was able to handle almost everything via twitter.

  • Laura Bloom

    Interesting findings! Reaffirms that growing your followership can be a hollow victory if you don’t acknowledge each incremental consumer. Can you tell us more about the report this article is based on, where to find?

  • Bill Miltenberg

    Laura—Here’s the link to the report—