Coming Back to Life…

Talk about the grateful dead. Life is making a comeback, this time as a weekend magazine that will compete with mainstays Parade and USA Weekend. The publication will be
distributed Fridays in the Tribune Company newspapers, including flagship Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and Newsday. It will also run in Knight Ridder newspapers, such as the
Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald and San Jose Mercury News. The latest Life incarnation will launch in October, with a total circulation of nearly 12 million. From its birth in
1936 through the 1960s Time Inc.'s Life was nonpareil in the magazine business. The weekly magazine took photojournalism to a new level, informing and entertaining millions of
Americans in the process. Television eventually got around to killing Life, which ceased publication in 1972. It returned as a monthly in 1978, appeared as a weekly briefly during
the Gulf War and again suspended publication in 2000.