Coca-Cola Tops Brand Rankings—Retailers Make Gains

As a Brand, Coke Is It: CoreBrand released its fifth annual Brand Power Top 100 Rankings Report, which ranks 100 corporate brands in terms of market reputation and awareness, and Coca-Cola tops the list, as it has since 2008. The CoreBrand Brand Power rankings are a measure of size (familiarity) and quality (favorability), familiarity representing whether or not a survey respondent is familiar with the brand, and favorability representing the brand’s overall reputation, perception of management and investment potential. The top 10 brands are as follows:

  1.  Coca-Cola

  2.  Hershey

  3.  Harley- Davidson

  4.  Campbell Soup

  5.  Kellogg

  6.  Johnson & Johnson

  7.  Bayer

  8.  Hallmark Cards

  9.  UPS

  10. Colgate-Palmolive

Among the key findings (with movement in rank from 2010 to 2011 in parentheses):

  • The retail industry has seen lots of movement over the past three years, as consumers shift to a more value-based purchasing mindset. The growth in the brand strength of Walmart (+15), Lowe’s (+5), Home Depot (+10), The Gap (+7), Kohl’s (+25) and J.C. Penney (+22) shows that consumers are still spending money but are looking to make their dollars go further.

  • Apple (+20) leads the technology sector, going from the 53rd to 33rd position; Microsoft (+14) and Dell (+14) each grew equally over the past year; while IBM (-18) has declined since 2010.

  • Nestlé has improved the most in the food industry, rising 32 ranks. Sara Lee (+27) and Kraft (+21) have also shown strong growth since 2008.


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