Charlie Kimball’s Three Tips for Handling Hired Spokespeople

IndyCar race car driver Charlie Kimball wants to make one thing clear: As spokesman for Novo Nordisk and its diabetes products, he has only great things to say about the company’s communications staff. From that experience comes advice for PR pros looking to get more out of their own spokespeople, including:

  1. Listen to and learn the spokesperson’s story: “When the story is real, people will pay more attention to it, so know the story inside and out,” says Kimball.

  2. Figure out how to get people better connected with the spokesperson: “If I sign an autograph for someone, chances are they’ll go home, go online and connect further with me and the brand,” he says.

  3. Be time-sensitive: “Racing is my full-time job,” says Kimball. “Speaking and marketing is just another hat I wear.” 

PR News subscribers can read more about how Novo Nordisk tapped Kimball to talk to race fans about diabetes care and insulin products in the case study: "
Passionate Spokesman, Nimble Communications and Trackside Tweets Power Winning IndyCar Sponsorship." 

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