CEOs Concerned About Identifying Future Leaders

Identifying the Leader of the Future: A a study of 100 CEOs released in June 2012 by RHR International shows that the top concern for 27% of them is identifying what type of leader their organization will need in the future. In addition, another 25% were concerned with giving up the power or prestige of their role.

Other study findings include:

  • 84% of CEOs say that they have at least one individual they can go to who will tell them the unvarnished truth about their decisions and how the organization perceives them. The majority of CEOs (52%) report that this person is the lead director, followed by a member of their executive team (46%), then a non-executive board member (29%).

  • The CEO position is often accompanied by isolation, and 41% of CEOs say they experience loneliness in their role as CEO.

  • Despite increased calls for separating the CEO and chairman roles, 63% of CEOs say they would recommend a combined role for the next CEO of their company.

Source: RHR International 

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