CEOs Champion Change; PR Counselors Shape the Messages that Move People

Who's the highest ranking communications executive in your organization? If you're following the latest prescription for success, you'll likely say it's your CEO. In an
age of globalization, merger mania and rapid-fire technology upgrades, chief executives have become front-line spokesmen in communicating how their companies are managing change.
How can clear messages from the CEO help drive a new direction for a technologically altered industry? Or shape the successful marriage of two corporate cultures? Or
inject new life into a tired old brand? And what is the role of the PR counselor in supporting the CEO in the spotlight?
These were among the questions posed during a
recent conference call of more than 45 corporate communicators, organized by the Public Affairs Group (PAG)/Best Practices in Corporate Communications. We bring you excerpts of
the conversation, printed with exclusive permission of PAG: