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3 Tips for Dealing with the Law of Unintended Consequences

March 20th, 2013 by

Producers of “The Bible” deal with blowback from the actor cast in the role of Satan bearing an uncanny resemblance to President Barack Obama.

13 Tips for Effective Crisis Management

March 19th, 2013 by

Crisis expert Dallas Lawrence of Burson-Marsteller provides 13 tips for PR pros in the midst of a crisis.

Good News Trumps Bad for Social Media Stickiness

March 19th, 2013 by

New research confirms the notion of tailoring the audience’s needs before your brand’s, while communicating positive messages.

What Shrinking Newsrooms Means for Media Relations

March 18th, 2013 by

With fewer and fewer traditional reporters to pitch, PR pros need to ramp up their ability to build relationship with bloggers and other denizens of the digital age.

Cook’s Fall on Top CEO List Could Mean a New PR Recipe at Apple

March 18th, 2013 by

A concerted internal communications effort might be in order after CEO Tim Cook fell 18 places on Glassdoor’s annual “Highest Rated CEO” list.

Care to be Called a ‘Public Communications’ Pro? Give it Some Time

March 15th, 2013 by

Is the term “public relations” outdated and irrelevant? PR News readers recently voted on some alternative terms.

The Biggest PR Trends from 2013 SXSW

March 15th, 2013 by

Melissa Todisco, VP at Hunter PR, provided PR News with some boots-on-the-ground coverage from this year’s gathering in Austin.

What The NYTimes.com Redesign Could Mean for PR Pros

March 14th, 2013 by

Communications execs have a few months to check out the prototype to see if they can recalibrate their pitches for the new site.

3 Tips for PR Pros on How to Transition the New Boss

March 14th, 2013 by

Sure, most CEOs don’t spend their office hours in prayer. But the election of the new pope offers some lessons for PR pros on how to help the new boss get settled.

17 Things Certain to Happen in PR By Year’s End

March 13th, 2013 by

When the subject is employee relations, history repeats. So it is with much certainty that some of the following will happen in 2013 in PR.