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How to Create Shareable Content, Cute Cats Notwithstanding

Finding the right formula for creating shareable online content is always a challenge, oftentimes a daily one. In this new sharing economy it's essential you know the new rules of viral content.Jonathan Perelman, vice president … | MORE »

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In Wake of Boston Bombings, Brands Should Indicate How They Intend to Help

Brands shouldn’t go ‘off the radar’ on social channels but they also need to take a major pause before they hit the Send button.  | MORE »

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Learning from Bieber: Promote Your Brand In Only the Right Channels

Justin Bieber’s visit to the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam serves as a cautionary tale: choose wisely which vehicles you choose to promote yourself or your brand.  | MORE »



5 Tips to Follow when Writing Press Releases

Taking a walk in the shoes of journalists is a good start. And, oh, yes, putting your contact information in a prominent place also helps. | MORE »



5 Tips to Get Started With ‘Big Data’

With the demand for data scientists high, PR pros must think about how to leverage Big Data. | MORE »

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Jay-Z Shows His PR Chops in Response To Criticism About Trip to Cuba in ‘Open Letter’

Jay-Z responded to the criticism through the medium that best suited him and took control of the situation following his trip to Cuba.  | MORE »



Infographic: 2012 Paid Better for PR Pros than 2011

With the general economy on the upswing PR pros have reason to be hopeful about the future.  | MORE »

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5 Questions to Ask PR Job Candidates

The questions could be a guidepost for PR managers (and job candidates) on how to drive more efficiency for communications. | MORE »



5 Tips for Flawless Video Production

A new study reveals the true power of videos in reaching audiences through social media. But to realize that power, solid video production values must be adhered to. | MORE »

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4 Ways to Rehabilitate a Sullied Image

What should former Congressman Anthony Weiner do for his political comeback, now that he has done The New York Times Magazine? | MORE »

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