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12 Things to Take Note of in PR Job Candidates

January 28th, 2014 by

PR News asked followers on Twitter and Facebook, “What’s the first thing you notice about a PR job candidate?” Here is what they had to say.

Google Glass Comes Into Sharper Focus for Brands After VSP Deal

January 28th, 2014 by

How would your PR message look on someone’s sleeve? What about a wristwatch or a bracelet? Communicating your brand message via wearable technology may be one step closer to the mainstream, following Google’s deal with VSP, the nation’s biggest optical health insurance provider.

PR Checklist for Juicing Your Facebook Page

January 28th, 2014 by

Have you cracked the code yet on how to grow your audience on Facebook? We didn’t think so. But that’s understandable. It remains a significant challenge for PR pros and communicators to generate new fans via the social platform.

Mac Attack: Three Tips On How to Celebrate a Brand Anniversary the Apple Way

January 27th, 2014 by

Thirty years ago Apple unveiled its iconic “1984” Super Bowl commercial, announcing the release of the Macintosh personal computer.  Steve Jobs had already previewed the commercial, publicly announcing his plucky little company was about to… Continued

6 Media Pitching Do’s—and 1 Don’t

January 27th, 2014 by

These tactical media pitching tips will help see you through the anxiety of short deadlines and high media placement expectations

Your Client Won a Grammy. Now What? (Lessons for PR Pros to the Stars and Everyone Else, Too)

January 24th, 2014 by

The real work starts for communications professionals before the event, planning acceptance speeches and organizing press conferences.

You’re a Storyteller First, But Never Forget Your Agency is a Business

January 24th, 2014 by

In all the day-to-day madness of serving clients and shaping content, don’t forget that you have a bottom line that must be met if you want to stay in business.

Courtney Love’s Landmark ‘Twibel’ Case and the Potential Impact on Social Media Policy

January 23rd, 2014 by

Courtney Love made history Wednesday as the first person to go to trial to defend herself against charges of libel on social media—an act known as “Twibel.”

3 Tips to Help You Monetize Your Social Channels

January 23rd, 2014 by

The ability to monetize your social media channels is arguably one of the biggest challenges facing communicators and PR professionals. Sometimes it may feel akin to rolling a peanut up a hill. But correlating your social platforms to the top and bottom lines is not beyond the realm of possibility. It just takes a different mindset.

Is This the Breakout Year for Listicles and Charticles?

January 22nd, 2014 by

The New York Times’ list of its most visited content of 2013 holds a couple key lessons for communicators.